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  • The Big Broadcast (1932)

    The Big Broadcast (1932)

    Radio crooner Bing Crosby (as himself) is so popular that women riot when they see him. But after his rich fiancée Mona (Sharon Lynn) “gives him the air,” he and a Texas oil man (Stuart Erwin), who also lost his girl, try to end it all with gas fumes.



  • LAMF

    In 1975 or maybe 76, I was working at Northern Records, a warehouse in the east side of downtown Cleveland. My job was being in charge of the loading docks. I loaded and unloaded skids of albums from trucks with a manual fork lift, checked the invoices, and let the Northern salesmen (and one saleswoman, who became a girlfriend) in and out. One day Bradley Fields (we both had gone to Lakewood high School, along with the Electric Eels) showed up at the dock with a band, who turned out to be the (as yet unrecorded) Heartbreakers from NYC.

  • The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers