The Lost City (1935)

The Lost City (1935)

  • Producer: Sherman S. Krelberg
  • Director: Harry Revier
  • Writers: Perley Poore Sheehan, Leon D’Usseau, Eddie Granemann, Robert Dillon, George M. Merrick, Zelma Carroll
  • Actors: William ‘Stage’ Boyd, Kane Richmond, Claudia Dell
  • Studio: Super Serial Productions Inc.

Zolok (William “Stage” Boyd, who died after filming) is causing worldwide floods from his secret Central African headquarters. Handsome engineer hero Bruce (Kane Richmond) tries to stop him and free the captive Dr. Manyus (Josef Swickard from Old San Francisco). Bruce and muscular Zolok henchman Appollon (Jerry Frank) both want the doctor’s blonde daughter Natacha (Claudia Dell).

The main point though is that Zolok turns natives into giant killer zombies. The awkward grunting, strutting, body oiled, Afro haired giants (Sam Baker and Everett Brown) carry screaming natives, who are put in a “brain destroyer” helmet, then the enlarging machine as Zolok orders “Arise, you are my slave!” William Bletcher is hunchback dwarf assistant Gorzo. George Hayes (later beloved by kids everywhere as western sidekick Gabby) deals with Arab slavers and has natives torture Manyus. Zolok uses remote TV and impressive electrical gadgets (built by Kenneth Strickfadden of Frankenstein fame).

This was filmed at the Mack Sennett studios, using the cinematographer from King Kong and the set maker from Flash Gordon. Revier had directed silent Tarzan movies. The original serial version from Principal (formed by Sol Lesser, later producer of Tarzan movies) is available from Sinister. In the serial a jungle queen falls for the hero and the villain also turns a black native white (!) There was also a novelization in ’35 and a 40’s comic book. This feature version was released in ’38 and later played on local TV stations. The print has sound problems.

See Murder by the Clock for  more on star Boyd.

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